School Bound

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My favorite Danish girl. My long lost bestfriend. The most awesome person on earth. (no pics on the school computer)
Once again i forgot to put up a blogpost yesterday. But i got home late from a after school thing and i needed to study for another test that i have today in, guess what, math... 
I'm sorry my post are so confusing, i will start reading through them so i can see that you understand something at least. 
Right now I'm in school and we needed to write an essay on the computers but i got done so I thought that maybe i should update you guys instead cause i forgot about that yesterday. 
So yesterday we went to an after school thing to gain extra credit. We hade a quiz bowl and guess who's team won? You guessed right again. MY TEAM! yeah! And i actually knew something. I could help my team to the winnst. Good job, Agnes. I had a really good time and my team were the best team ever! 
Before that were just a normal day in school. Nothing special to it. 
Tomorrow we're going to Nashville! I CANT WAIT! AAAAH! And i get to see Marie and Chloe again. 
I'll update you again when i get home!
This blogpost is especially for you, Bob. Finally one in english. 
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jag förstår mer när du skriver på engelska än svenska... ;)
Asså NASHVILLE! hur coolt?! Massa bilder!

2013-11-23 @ 16:05:02

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